Antonio Conte not impressed with Eden Hazard antics

Chelsea superstar Eden Hazard scored a sublime penalty against Newcastle United at the weekend but not everyone was impressed with his cheeky chip.

The Blues manager Antonio Conte has admitted that he was annoyed with how the penalty was executed, though he did also call it great.

“The chip annoyed me a little bit. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t, but it’s a great penalty,” he said.

“The most important thing to do is score it and then decide which way you want to kick it. The important thing is to score and it happened.

“Next time he must have a great attention as the goalkeeper will study the players that take the penalties. For me the most important thing is to score. It happened.”

To some extent, it was a lack of professionalism but that is what great players do, they like to live on the edge a little and Hazard is not different from the likes of Johan Cruyff in that regard.

That said, Hazard did admit that the way he took the penalty did make him a little nervous,

“When I take the ball in my hands, it’s instinct, I just want to do this. I want the goalkeeper to move because, if he doesn’t, I’m in trouble.”

It is unlikely we will be seeing a repeat in future, keepers will be on alert and Conte has probably already expressed to the Belgium ace his annoyance.

But it was classy nonetheless.