Arsenal chances of signing big name Sanchez replacement given huge boost

News coming out of Germany indicates that Arsenal is very close to securing their next big name signing.

According to the Borussia Dortmund manager Peter Stoger, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang does not have his mind on Dortmund and is more focused on his proposed move to North London.

Aubameyang is apparently determined to force a move through this January and the comments from his manager seem to confirm this.

Speaking about the forward missing training this week Stoger said,

‘Well generally it doesn’t bother me at all if Aubameyang right now is kicking it around somewhere else. That’s his decision. If he had been good the moment we had training, he would have played [Friday] today,’

‘But I didn’t have that impression of him in the last training before the match. ‘I felt like he was busy with many things but not this important match. That’s why he wasn’t with us. ‘If he is also playing football all the time next week and there are photos of him, then he will be in the squad against Freiburg.’

If Arsenal do complete the transfer of Aubameyang it will be massive compensation for the loss of Alexis Sanchez, he certainly is more prolific and would more than likely have a far better attitude than what the Chilean has shown recently.

Wenger also needs this transfer to go through to placate the fans who are calling for his head following a string of poor results.