Arsenal do first summer business, as Barcelona deal is done!

There has been some reports on the Daily Mirror website which have revealed Spanish giants Barcelona are furious at Arsenal after they snapped up highly-rated 16-year-old defender Julio Pleguezuelo.

Barcelona want the Spanish FA to close down a loophole which allows their best youngsters to escape before signing professional terms. They claim the English FA gives clubs the same protection.

Arsenal have a long history of snapping up Barcelona’s best youngsters after signing Cesc Fabregas, as well as Fran Merida, Hector Bellerin and Jon Toral, from the Nou Camp’s famous academy in recent years. (Daily Mirror)

The Gunners have signed a real talent and although he isn’t the big name that everyone wanted to see, he will surely develop into a real star working under the guidance of boss Wenger.

17 comments to Arsenal do first summer business, as Barcelona deal is done!

  • Here we go again! Soon the so called transfer funds will all be used on the “future” while we prepare for the monumental battle for fourth position.

  • Happie

    Acquire masacherano from barca for defensive midfielder

  • temigunga

    Yes Arsenal nursing Academy!

  • temigunga

    of football in The UK!

  • franswer

    The bull shit continuous. Come next season history will continue repeating itself.

  • Adrian

    Are you all stupid or something? You say, the rumored 70 Mil will be spend only for youngsters? You know, Pleguezuelo would cost something around 100k Pounds because he doesn’t have a contract with Barcelona (only a junior contract or something like that) so Arsenal would need to buy around 700 young players to use up all the money mentiond above.

    The big signings are coming (if the 70.000.000 are correct). But the differenz between big signings and players like Pleguezuelo are, that the “smaller” ones are easyer to land or do you think Real Madrid would sell Higuain without a talk with the new coach?

  • gunner

    u idiots!! arsenal does need players for thier u-21’s as a lot of players hav left emirates this season.
    arsenal hasta sign 6-7 kids . this is nowhere related to our first team transfers

  • Sunday

    This is not the signing we as arsenal fans are expecting from wenger,give us exprience player

  • Kennedy Mulwa

    same all same all,Wenger’s philosophy don’t think will change.A younger Defender yet we need to win something? i wonder when the player of this club will pour the champagne,to celebrate something.”Trophy”

  • Musad

    We are tired of future stars that never brings any glory to club in the last 8 years, I keep on wondering if Arsene Wenger ever feels ashame of himself as a Big coach that has not won any trophy in the last 8 years,not of Luck, but out of Pure Stinginess.

  • Pete George

    9 reserve/youth team players released and maybe 2 more to go. This signing is MERELY filling one of those gaps. Nothing else to get excited abt. Cesc is only 1 of 4 signgs from Spain that worked out. As well as an exceptional individual, it takes a great deal of work, luck and grit to make it into the first 11 and a 16 year old is miles away from that today. Stop writing such irrlevant drivel and grow up!

  • doc wally

    And so we continue to build for the future. But when are we going to get there? Never! Wenger must go and when he does he must take his trash with him ie. diaby,bentnail,squillo,djourou,etc…

  • alyaksny

    Let our stars be leaving whilest other clubs are bringing in stars then be disturbing us with unknown players

  • geoafrogooner

    GFTF(GOOD FOR THE FUTURE)#AFC need to replace 15 academias that were released/decided to leave.besides the promotions from the U18 the team needs to be futuristic and prepare for implementation of the financial governance.Other teams are quietly buying for the future,its only at #AFC that fans are up to date on low profile signings.Lets wait for the real signings.

  • william

    Ithink wenger is cimplicating other transfer targets


    Its high time Wenger should buy mature players if hes wants to be areal title contender next season

  • prince adeyinka

    Wenger is at it again we don’t need this at the moment God damn it!!!!!!!!