Arsenal fans react furiously to new signing for the club

Arsenal FC yesterday announced a new signing for the North London club, although this new signing has not gone down with the fans at all, the same fans who were left frustrated and annoyed at manager Arsene Wenger’s reluctance to once again strengthen in much need areas and with an announced large profit to play with, the fact nobody was brought in minus former Chelsea goalkeeper Petr Cech, and Arsenal fans are furious to the point they want a full inquiry into the lack of dealings over the summer when there was a reported £90million at least to spend in areas.

However the new deal and signing, wasn’t a new player, or even an upcoming player – it was another business deal adding fuel to the already bursting at the seams anger coming from the fans, who are seeing their club once again and not for the first time, looking more at ‘business means and boardroom profit’ as DJI Holdings (a Chinese company) were announced as a new business partner and Arsenal it would seem are seemingly trying to cash in on the Far East market with a host of partnership with Asian/Chinese companies

The club confirmed a deal with DJI Holdings to become the official lottery partner of Arsenal in China. The three-year deal will allow the firm to give away team merchandise and Emirates tickets, with the club providing exclusive content to DJI.

Source Standard

The club should be aware that the growing resentment from fans is building towards not just the manager but a boardroom also, who are seemingly more concerned with business and partnerships with foreign owned firms, than they are on the pitch and for the fans who are paying the highest costs in the Premier League, they are seemingly having enough of it and want a huge overhaul from the board outwards and inwards.


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