Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech ready to punish Chelsea

Arsenal keeper Petr Cech has admitted that it will be a new experience for him when he returns to Stamford Bridge as an opposition player, but that does not stop him wanting all three points and heaping further misery on his former team mates.

“I have never played at Stamford Bridge in the visiting team so it will be a new experience for me”, said Cech

“I go to a familiar place but most important for me will be to win the game. That’s the way it goes.

“In a way it is nice that I spent so much time there. That I know every corner of the stadium and the space, so for me there will be no surprises.

“Obviously it will be new to play against Chelsea but when you start playing the game the only concern you have is ‘can I play my best game and can we win?’”

It really would be punishing for Chelsea if Cech is integral in inflicting another defeat on his former club, but as Cech says, that is the way it goes. © 2017 Frontier Theme