Arsenal news! Wenger opens up and talks about retirement plans

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger says retirement is on his mind.

Manchester United boss Louis van Gaal has insisted that he’ll step down from his Old Trafford post in 18 months when his contract ends and he’ll be almost 66.

Now Wenger, who turns 66 this month and whose current Arsenal deal runs to 2017 – admits he cannot be that precise about his own exit, but says he has thought about retirenement.

As quoted on the Daily Star website, Wenger said: “I will retire, don’t worry. But no, I haven’t decided on a plan yet.

“I think it can be more instinctive and impulsive than that.

“I’ve heard that so many times, ‘Next year I will retire’ and then they continue, or go somewhere else.

“I think one thing is for sure that, when I retire, I will really retire.”

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