Arsenal have been told by the Football Association that they will not be taking any disciplinary action against Arsenal defender Gabriel Paulista after a potentially leg breaking tackle on Watford’s Troy Deeney.

Deeney has responded to this, saying“I could have gone through him as well and I tried my best to keep the studs down, and [remain to] the letter of the law, but he come over the top.”

“I don’t think he was intentionally going to do me but, fair play, he came and apologised. I was just a bit frustrated at the initial moment because they are the ones that can break legs. Thankfully I am a big lad and I rode the tackle. We are men at the end of the day. We shake hands and carry on until the next game. Crack on.”

Arsene Wenger however believes that the referee on the day made the correct decision “It didn’t look [a red card] to me but I have to see it again,” he said.

“He won the ball. I think Deeney as well (had feet off ground). They both went for the same ball and Gabriel was first to the ball.”

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