Arsenal set to get rid of star for good?

He has been on-loan now for a while and many Arsenal fans have forgotten he is still there player, but there have been some rumours that suggest the Gunners ready to ditch Denilson for good this months as Sao Paolo look for a permanent deal.

Sao Paulo landed the 24-year-old on loan in 2011 and they are looking to finally clinch a permanent deal this month.

“I believe we’ll reach an agreement with Arsenal,” Sao Paulo vice-president Joao Paulo de Jesus Lopes told UOL.

“We have heard from Denilson that he doesn’t want to return to England, that he wants to stay here with us.

“I think our relations with Arsenal will help that to happen.” (TalkSport)

Although he would probably be a good player to have back at the Emirates considering just how successful he has been in Brazil, it is clear that the club do not want him and he is better off staying exactly where he is for good.

7 comments to Arsenal set to get rid of star for good?

  • zdzis

    Geez, what is it with this “star” – it’s almost like you’re gonna call anyone who leaves Arsenal a “star.” Think before you write, it’s easy for anyone with a brain Denilson never was more than a promising young talent.

  • Malyons

    Send Wenger with him.

  • Oh yes i remember him,shit player like most of wenger sighnings have been in the last 7 yrs.

  • Ben

    Good riddance! About time he left for good. Waiting for equally good news about Bendtner, Chamakh, Djourou, Squillaci. Ramsey can go too. Too much rubbish in the squad. Hopefully Wenger’s signs Walcott then sell him off for a good price. He is not worth £90k a week. Arsenal has become a very mediocre club. So many other Bpl teams play better soccer than Arsenal now with less than half of Arsenal’s wage bill.

  • mcgooner

    instead of being so negative towards Wenger and his transfer style, why not spend your time actually supporting the team as moaning and whining isn’t going to do anything except make you feel down. COYG

  • mohawk35

    I don’t believe he is a bad player – they would not want to keep him in Brazil otherwise. And I remember some very nice games from him a few years back. He struggled during his last season and that is what gooners remember.

    However, he is not in Arsenal’s plans so getting him off the books is the best for everybody.

  • ripple

    Get rid of him – he will not be used by Arsenal. But do you really believe he is worse than Ramsey? Not a chance. He is not a British teen idol so no one will care if he just disappears from the Arsenal collective memory.