Arsenal set to miss out on brilliant M’Vila?

There have been some reports that Arsenal will end their interest in Rennes defensive Midfielder Yann M’Vila during this transfer window after it has been speculated that they are ‘refusing’ to battle it out with QPR and Zenit St. Petersburg for his signature.

Gunners boss Arsene Wenger is a known admirer of French midfielder M’Vila, having persued him in the last two summer transfer windows, but has never lodged a formal bid.

Indeed, it’s thought that despite Wenger’s desire to bring the 22-year-old to England, he has growing concerns over his string of disciplinary problems, and has put any move on ice.

The news comes after Rennes reportedly offered Arsenal a cut-price £8million deal for M’Vila last week – which was refused by Wenger, despite his price tag being cut in half in the last 12 months. (The Metro)

It is strange for Wenger to refuse such a great deal for a top-quality defensive midfielder, but we are now nine days in and the Gunners fans are no closer to seeing any new arrivals than they were a month ago. But what is clear is that they need to add more steel and bite to that midfield and M’Vila would have been the ideal man to give them just that.

19 comments to Arsenal set to miss out on brilliant M’Vila?

  • Benayom

    I think a very serious minded manager should have identified his targets before the commencement of the curent transfer window and shuld have concluded negotiations or abt to just like Liverpool and Spurds have done that is.But with AW,u have to continue waiting for Godot.And dat is why Arsenal is an average and ordinary team nowadays.

  • Ayo

    Seriously, I say it again, Wenger WILL NOT sign anyone, he is not a coach but an economist. Baba Ijebu!!!

  • temigunga

    What we miss from Arsenal is the current Objectives of the club. I think it is all about doing business with football itself not a priority. Because the problems are so obvious and no signs of rectifying them from management point of view. Lets wait and see the end of this Wenger’s-Kroenke’s error.

  • Ed

    This is getting ridiculous!
    A very big month ahead and some players on offer with more talent that we currently have at Arsenal, except for Santi, yet Wenger sits on his hands.
    For what are you waiting you stupid man?
    If you can’t be decisive in the transfer market then step aside for someone who can!

  • temigunga

    DM, a defender (CB, LB or RB) and a striker are the only priority. And reasonably, I would think four addition for an ambitious club would be perfect but that will unfortunately not happen the way I can see!

  • I dnt tink wenger is wit his rite sences, hw could he refuse m’villa evn wen d prize is redused. He should sign m’villa he is d rite man defnsive midfield.

  • Solomon

    Has anyone questioned the reason for price cut in the value of M’villa rather than why is Wenger not buying? If the player has got an attitude problem, do we really need such a player?

  • xeno

    Wenger is a fool and a confused man.

  • chikarito

    wenger and arsenal board are all fools. they never learn from their mistakes.

  • emirikk

    Wenger is a fool, and he will distroy this team complete. I`m so tired of this old fucking french lady, the ambition for the team are gone for many years ago. Bring in Pep and the russian billionaire, that is the only hope for us blood fans!

  • gooneray

    I have wrote on these web sites for a few years now and I have never seen so many fellow supporters in favour of any player coming to our club. We are all involved in football in some form so it’s not always a blind suggestion.
    Wenger was the man theat brought him to our attention in the first place and he is still a great player in his position, but not happy where he is playing. Rennes also priced him out of his dream move to us last year. I would like to see a player with attitude at Arsenal, reminds me of Viera. Ihave lost all faith in Arsenal at the moment as theyare a club standing still in time. Westill have a chance of top 4 but an equal chance of bottom half of the league. We are not good enough at the moment to insure either yet. M’vila position in the side is our main problem area andhe would have been one of the best for that job!!!

  • pls wenger do us ur fans favour n sign somebody meaningful dnt wait 4 ur rivals 2 sign first .we need a gud DM So dat d attack our wil be gud enoug. Up gunners

  • Gunne

    I have told y‘all times without number that untill when MR ARSENE WENGER lives, our dear AFC will not see the light again. And that is the final solution.

  • gbenga

    Wenger is a stupid man. He doesn’t know what he wants. Wenger his no nore a coach but an economics lecturer. I can see wenger braking a record of 20yrs trophyless, that’s his dream. About D̶̲̥̅̊ board, why can’t they sack him and employ guardiola or mourinho who’s always hungry for trophies. You guys should sell the club if you know you can’t buy quality players and win trophies. Bastard wenger knows how to sell quality players but he doesn’t know how to buy……… My faith in arsenal is gone

  • Your comments are so touching to a point i feel there is nothing more to say. However, if AW is serious minded coach why not engage Mvilla and see if he is willing to move away from all his repulsive act? He has what we need. AW is a dead man.

  • nicky

    This unceasing criticism of Arsene Wenger about the apparent delay in signing new players during the January Window, is getting quite ridiculous.
    None of the socalled “experts” have any idea of the behind the scenes problems involving medicals, personal terms, transfer fees, etc,etc.
    Give credit to the experienced Wenger and his professional staff for having good reason for any delays.
    When the time is ripe, over the next few weeks, we will be given the outcome of any transfer deals.
    In the meantime, all fans should keep calm, contemplate their navel and refrain from criticism on matters over which they have neither knowledge or control.

  • goonermac

    With all the players who are available this window,wenger chases one who clearly is not. this is typical wenger who later on will say” I tried to sign Villa” after signing no one. After all the crap he has bought in the past he and his scouting team should pack their bags. Taxi for Gazidis as well!!

  • Wayne

    Wenger is really getting Arsenal fans angry. We need players and was told we had 70 million to spend in January and then it was 30 million but until now 9 days into the January transfers window and still no one has come in. We lost out to Holtby to Spurs who chose them because of there manager so that must say something and now Wenger who was offered MVila for only 8 million but still has not bought him. But guess what yes The Spuds are to bid for him so it looks like another top player goes to Spurs instead of us. Also Zaha a quality English player who Wenger has pulled out from signing him and the Mancs look favourite to sign him even though he would come to Arsenal as he loves the club and is an Arsenal supporter. So that’s 3 top players we have looked like to lost out on. WHY Wenger. Walcott if he signs wants to play up front so Zaha would slot nicely on the RW and can also play on the LW. MVila is a defensive midfielder which we desperately need. We must be close to 50 other players that we have been linked with but still no deals. Wenger is tight and if he can wait and get a player for 1 million less he will wait but always ends up losing out. We need to step up to what the other big clubs are doing. Please Wenger buy Fillaine from Everton and MVila with Zaha, Lopez and we will have a team to compete for prem league and trophies next season. Also Jack Butland in goal would be a great buy as he is better than Chesser. Then 1 striker and 1 top defender then we will be complete.

  • JEL

    It’s amazing that so many of you’so called’ Arsenal fans are criticizing Wenger over a RUMOUR. M’Vila being offered to Wenger for 8M is not based of fact, its marely hear say, so why blast Wenger for something that isn’t true yet. Wenger admitted he will only sign top quality players for our team, and I believe he will. Top quality players are not going to come cheap or easy, its going to take more then 9 days for these top player’s clubs to decide to release them and find replacements. I’d love M’Vila too, and if its meant to be, we’ll sign him.