Arsenal striker Olivier Giroud has come out and revealed that he was a target for German side Bayern Munich last summer before he made the move to the Emirates.

Asked if he had been in touch with Bayern, Giroud was quoted in The Sun as saying: “Not directly but my agent was and it was validated by Bayern.

“They wanted time to watch the Euros and Mandzukic had a good tournament.

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“The fact I was wooed by Arsenal is good. I’m very happy here. English football is what I hoped for.

“The people live, eat and sleep football here.” (Sky Sports)

Although he has 15-plus-goals and 15-plus- assists this season, there is still some doubt about whether he can lead the front line and hit thirty goals ever year. And fans are frustrated by some of his displays, but all in all he hasn’t been a bad capture for the club considering this is his first season in the Premier League.