Arsenal star does himself no favours with ridiculous comments

Certain footballers should really think before they open their mouths and that certainly applies to Arsenal defender Hector Bellerin.

Bellerin has responded to the criticism towards Arsenal following their 2-1 defeat at Watford.

‘I think it always is with Arsenal. It doesn’t matter how we do, stated Bellerin

‘If we win it is always the other team’s fault and when we lose it is always our fault.

‘We have just got to deal with it as we have been doing, play our game and show that we have got the potential, that we can win games like this one.

In all fairness to Bellerin, Arsenal have won at Red Star Belgrade in the Europa League and thrashed Everton 5-2 at Goodison Park, however, those results have to be taken into context.

Red Star Belgrade is in no way any sort of European powerhouse, it is the Europa League and a loss would have been a shocker, Everton are in woeful form and while the win was impressive it was against 10 men for a large portion of the game and everyone and their uncle is beating Everton at the moment.

Now, losing the way the Gunners did against Watford was poor, very poor and Arsenal deserved all the criticism they received, they are already a significant way behind Man City in the standings and do not look a top four team anymore.

Bellerin needs to analyse his own performance and that of his teammates before he starts whining, it is not the critic’s fault that Arsenal is no more than mediocre these days, it is his fault and that of his teammates.