Arsene Wenger reacts strongly to Mauricio Pochettino comments

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has reacted both strongly and passionately to comments made by Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino in relation to the Premier League title.

Pochettino commented that Spurs are already out of the title race having fallen too far behind leaders Man City.

When specifically asked if ten points was too much to make up the Argentine said

‘Yes, it’s true now that the gap is 10 points and it’s massive in the Premier League. ‘But now we need to be focused and try to improve ourselves and be more consistent at Wembley, and try to win more games here like last season at White Hart Lane.’

Arsenal are now 15 points behind City following their defeat to Man Utd Saturday evening but that gap has made little impression on the Gunners boss who refuses to accept their title ambitions are all but over.

When asked if Arsenal title chances are over because of Pochettino ten points comments Wenger said,

‘I am not Pochettino, I am Arsene Wenger. ‘I am here to fight as long as I can, as long as mathematically it’s possible you have to fight, you cannot give any other message out.’

Of course, Wenger is correct, it is still mathematically possible but the reality is that 15 points is too much, Arsenal has almost zero chance of winning the title and it is probably more antagonism at being quoted Pochettino than him truly believing there is still a chance.

Wenger needs to concentrate more on finishing top four and above Tottenham than getting riled over a rivals comments.

For his part, Pochettino should not be publicly giving it up, it hardly inspires the players.