Arsene Wenger remains defiant

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger remains defiant against fans and now former players who keep questioning his future with the club.

Wenger declared “I built the club and I did it with hard work. I had no external resources. If you compare the club when I arrived and how it is today it has moved forward and without any help from anybody.”

“I don’t question my dedication; it is 100 per cent and I give more time to my club than when I arrived.”

“Wenger is facing more scepticism than at any time since he arrived at Arsenal in 1996.”

“If you want to win a trophy then you need great leaders and great warriors on the pitch. Mentally I think they are not strong enough,” he said.

“This was the perfect year for Arsenal to win the Premier League and they’ve missed it. That’s it, and Arsene is quite responsible for that as well.”

“There is simply not enough power in the team, not enough dirty work being done, so they lose when they shouldn’t. And there is no getting away from the fact that responsibility has to rest with Arsene Wenger.”

“Barca is a write-off, but Arsenal need seven points from Everton, Watford and West Ham to stay in the title race.”

“If Wenger can’t achieve that then the board has two choices: demand that he adds more steel in the summer, or, with a heavy heart, call time after 20 seasons in charge and say goodbye.”


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