Arsene Wenger says that Henry would need a huge transformation to be successful

When many Arsenal consider who will take over from current long term manager Arsene Wenger when he decides to call it a day and retire, the name that crops up amongst many fans is that of Arsenal idol and record goalscorer for the North Londoners ‘Thierry Henry’, who is currently working as a coach with the U18 Arsenal squad as he works to obtain his coaching badge.

Arsene Wenger spoke on Arsenalplayer, and suggested that Henry would need a ‘huge mental transformation’ if he is to be a winning coach in the future.

“He will discover what the job is about and you have to go through that process if you want to one day manage a football team.

“The job of a player is centered on you and the job of a coach is centered on others. You find you just focus on others and how you can help them.

“It demands a psychological and mental transformation that is not always easy. It also demands how to get what you know is available in other people in the most simplistic way.”

A lot of former players have tried to go down the managerial route after their playing careers are over, with a lot finding themselves unsuitable as a manager and failing to make any real impact at the clubs they manage – others however have done, would Thierry Henry make it as a successful coach in the game as it is today and in the future and the strength of character needed, on that I do not think so.


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