Arsene Wenger sends message to Arsenal fans but they are unlikely to listen

Under fire Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has urged the club’s fans to turn up for Tuesday night’s game against Sunderland, rather than boycott the game in protest at his management.

Speaking ahead of the must-win game and responding to the boycott calls Wenger said,

“My message is always the same, it is to support the team.

Wenger’s comments come after a prominent Arsenal fans website called on supporters to boycott the game and send a message to the club’s board.

Part of the message read

“We are calling on fans that feel the same way to boycott tomorrow evening’s match against Sunderland,” the statement said.

“Please consider joining us in this boycott. Don’t sell your seat to a tourist or give it to a mate. Let yours be one of the many gaps in the stands that send a direct and unarguable message to the directors. You do not want to watch any more of the same old same old.

“If you are in any doubt, look at our season and compare that to Chelsea, Juventus and Atletico Madrid. We are a bigger club than all three of them but we are being held back by a greedy owner and a past it manager.

Not sure about being bigger than Juventus, but the fans anger is understandable, they were at one time one of the biggest clubs in Europe, their move to the Emirates was supposed to herald a new dawn for the club and make them a powerhouse within the game. Instead, they have declined and the fans blame Wenger and the board for this.

It will be interesting to see how much support there is for the boycott.