There has been some sensational reports linking Neymar with a move to Barcelona after the 2014 World Cup as Dani Alves has claimed that the wonderkid has agreed to join the Spanish giants.

“He knows what is happening and the deal that he has which is to come to the club in the near future,” Alves told El Mundo Deportivo.

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“If I were him I would come as soon as possible because it would allow him to improve the tactical side of his game before the [2014] World Cup. Apart from that he would be coming to a club that would suit the qualities he has as a player.

“I have already told him what I think. He knows what Barcelona can offer because I have made it my duty to tell him. But at the same time I can’t grab him and bring him here. If I could I would have already done it. It’s his decision.” (TalkSport)

The brilliant little 21-year-old is the most sought after youngster in the world and the news will devastate Chelsea and Man City as they were looking to take the Brazilian to their respective squads.