Benteke hires ‘Mental Coach’ to help adjust to Liverpool move

Liverpool’s big forward powerhouse Christain Benteke has admitted the toll his high priced move from Midlands club Aston Villa has affected him, which has shown in his first performances for Liverpool in this season’s start to the Premier League.

Owing to this Christian Benteke has hired ‘Mental Coach’ Michal Bruyninckx to adjust to life at his new club and the expectations on him, and justifying the price that Liverpool paid Aston Villa for his services.

Michal Bruyninckx, who has worked with many of Belgium’s top international player’s spoke to the Mirror on his appointment:

“When he was a boy in Belgium, he changed regularly from one club to another, because he only had one profile — as a physically strong player,”

“I tried to encourage him then to expand his mind to see that he must not accept those labels and that he could continuously change his skills, and the way he learned to think has been enormously important to his career. I hear people say he is not a Liverpool type of player, but I tell you that he can adapt to any club.”

“This challenge is not new for him. For many years, people tried to convince Christian he was only a physical player but, through his mental power, he has changed all that.”

“When you watch him in the national team, you can see that, technically, he is skilled, he is creative, he is intelligent. I fully believe that, through Liverpool, he will go to a higher level again.”


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