Chelsea boss Roberto Di Matteo was actually sacked by West Brom before he joined Chelsea as Andre Villas-Boas second in command and has gone on to lift the FA Cup and Champions League, so with the weekend fixture against West Brom looming, he has stated he is totally fine with being let go.

I have no grudges,” Di Matteo said ahead of Saturday’s Premier League clash. “I had a great time. I worked with a lot of good people there.

“The supporters were very kind to me as well. I had almost two years there.

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“Despite the fact that last season’s game was not a good memory, because we lost, I can reflect on good memories there.

“Look at where I’m sitting now, so I’m not so sure it was a bad thing. That’s football. That’s life. In a manager’s career, you’re going to get the sack at some point if you have a long career.” (Sky Sports)

It could be that the Baggies are regretting their decision to get rid of di Matteo, considering that he is now rated as one of the world’s best bosses and has been so successful at Stamford Bridge.