Brendan Rodgers gives his excuses following poor Liverpool performance

Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers has admitted that Liverpool were not up to scratch against Man Utd on Saturday but s did find time to also have a little dig at United’s Ashley Young.

Speaking to Sky Sports Rodgers said

“I thought first half we defended well, but we were nowhere near enough quality and composure on the ball. Defensively weren’t bothered too much. Any time we were frightened was by our own mistakes.

We’re disappointed with a couple of the goals. I didn’t think it was a free-kick. Ashley Young’s bought the challenge. I thought Nathaniel Clyne defended brilliantly all day. And he’s just matched his run.

“You could see both of them challenge for the ball with their arms. Ashley turns on his back so they get a free-kick against us. They work it quite well but I never thought it was a free-kick. We conceded a really disappointing third goal which kills it.”

Young is a fairly easy target because of his habit of going to ground very easily but the truth is that United were simply the better side on the day.



  1. Brendon has to leave
    1- Liverpool gave him enough time > 3 years
    2-Owners gave him over 300 million to spend
    3- kept on buying players after players with no improvement
    4- changed the whole back room staff
    5- still the same clumsy team
    6Nothing left >> leave ASAP
    LEAVE and sustain some dignity if yu have ONE LEFT

  2. Liverpoolfc was an attacking football side until so called fsg decided to change a famous lfc to an institute of average payers starting from a low-grade manager Brendan Rogers, lackadaisical player’s like Simon mignolet, martin skyrtel, lovren, firmino and the rest of average bench warmers. may’God touch fsg to change their hardened mind and make people happy for once and bring in a Champions League Quality manager and forget about BR average mentality…plsssss

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