Luis Suarez has been in some fine form as of late and has been praised for the right reasons and not the stupid antics that he normally gets up to. So his Liverpool team mate and Kop legend Jamie Carragher has come out and indicated the forward is the best in the Premier League.

“I’ve felt for 12 months he’s the best player in the league because he’s not playing alongside the kind of players the Chelsea players can play alongside. He’s one of the best players in world football and we are delighted to have him.

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“He does things in a game that we see him doing in training on a daily basis. There’s always that question, I think being asked unfairly, of whether he scores enough goals, but isn’t he the top scorer in the league at the moment? And that’s in a team that hasn’t won that many league games.” (Sky Sports)

Carragher’s claims that Suarez is the best in the League is a big statement, considering the world class stars that are plying their trade in the English game, but he is certainly up there with the very best at the moment and Liverpool need him to carry on his good form otherwise they are in trouble.