Cesc Fabregas makes it very clear what he wants to do to Arsenal

Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas has made it quite clear what he wants to do to Arsenal, hurt them.

Fabregas was once the Arsenal fans darling, not anymore, now they despise him and see him as nothing more than a Judas figure.

Speaking ahead of the FA Cup final clash between Chelsea and Arsenal, Fabregas said.

‘Yes, it will be emotional,’

‘It’s not as if I like to play against Arsenal because they are a club which is in my heart and they will always be.

‘But this is football, and this is what we have to do. It can happen and hopefully, we can win the double. That would be a fantastic season for us.

‘I have to put those feelings aside. You have to be professional. Of course, it means a lot to me, it’s not an ordinary game for me.

‘It will be a tough game. I watch Arsenal. They are playing well, they are playing a different system and maybe they are not performing fantastic in this system.

‘But they are defensively better.

‘They are winning, and that’s important for them. Their belief is higher. But our belief is high [too].

‘Hopefully we can hurt them in the way we want.

There you have it, he wants to hurt them in a way that they want, he even had the cheek to claim that the Gunners are still in his heart, it is doubtful whether the Arsenal fans believe a word of that.

Fabregas left Arsenal for Barcelona and to some extent that was accepted, but when he signed for bitter rivals Chelsea that changed everything.

No team likes their best players to end up at a bitter rival, though some will say, what goes around comes around. It was Arsenal that signed Tottenham captain Sol Campbell after all.

One thing is for sure, there will never be a statue of Fabregas, a stand named after him or a road carrying his name, he has burnt his bridges.

But, he won’t care one fig, not if he helps Chelsea defeat the Gunners in the Cup final.