Chelsea already lining up a replacement for Antonio Conte

Things must be really bad at Chelsea if reports are true that they have already started to line up a replacement for beleaguered manager Antonio Conte.

There are too many negative stories in the press to dismiss out of hand the rumours now circulating around the club, the players are clearly losing faith and that is being reflected on the pitch.

According to the Italian media, Chelsea is planning to offer the managers job to Napoli coach Maurizio Sarri and hope to lure him with a wage of €12 million per season.

It is also being reported that the Italian side have become resigned to losing Sarri to the Blues and have lined up his replacement with Sampdoria boss Marco Giampaolo.

Sarri has taken Napoli to the top of Serie A and is highly regarded, however, managing Chelsea is a whole different ball game, no club has the internal strife and player power that rules the roost at Stamford Bridge.

Whether this particular rumour is true or not, it does underline the chaos that is going on at Chelsea and it is difficult to see how the situation can be improved if even half the reports are true. © 2017 Frontier Theme