Chelsea and Tottenham warned off young sensation

Watford have been forced into issuing a hands-off warning to the likes of Tottenham and Chelsea who are reportedly interested in their young striker Richarlison.

With the winter transfer window just over a month away the Hornets Chief executive Scott Duxbury, has decided to act now to ward off any ideas that the bigger clubs may have about snatching one of their best assets.

Speaking to the Standard Duxbury said.

“We want Richarlison to be here for many more seasons. We are building a very competitive squad, we have no need to sell.

“We believe in the season being a race and that’s why we will never sell a player in January who we believe will help us. Nobody will be sold that we don’t want to. None of the players making an impact now will go.”

Of course, if Chelsea or Tottenham made a huge offer then Watford may have to think twice about their current stance, but they do seem very determined to keep their best players, especially considering how well they are doing this season.

Richarlison has scored five Premier League goals in 12 starts this season, he is clearly talented and if Watford is to continue their progress it is imperative they hold on to the 20-year-old.

Watford have lofty ambitions, they know they cannot compete on a financial level with the big sides and if they are ever to have any hope of breaking into the top positions then keeping their best talent is key to that.

“We never will be as big financially as Manchester United or with the size of the stadium, but the ambition can be as big, said Duxbury.

“There is no check on ambition. I want people to believe that we are a challenger and that we are a big football club — because we are.”