Chelsea boss makes big time announcement!

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has set his sights on another 20 years at the very top of the game.

The Chelsea boss says he will only take on the challenge of managing a smaller side if he finds himself unwanted by one of the big boys.

As quoted on the Sky Sports website, he said: “I don’t think anyone likes to change from big to smaller, and from big expectations and projects to small ones.

“When you reach the top, you want to stay at the top. That’s normal.

“For me the situation is clear – I want to work 15 or 20 more years in round numbers.

“If, during this time, I do well enough to stay in a top level club, I will.

“If I don’t do well enough, and my market changes and I only have smaller clubs waiting for me, I will.

“Every club I went to was a big club, really. But not the best, not the one with most resources, not the one in the best conditions to win.

“Big clubs, big expectations, but not in that particular moment when I went to any one of these clubs, in the best conditions to win.

“Even at Inter. They had gone 50 years without winning a Champions League, and that was what we had to change.

“Not the Scudetto. We were there to win the Champions League.

“So big challenges. In a certain way more challenging than working in a small team.

“When I did work in a small team (Uniao de Leiria), I was third in January and, because of that, I went to a big club (Porto).”


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