Chelsea close in on £40 million Brazilian!

There has been some reports on the on the Daily Star website which claim Chelsea are closing on a deal to sign Brazilian powerhouse Hulk, as potential new boss Jose Mourinho wants to add him to the squad.

Mourinho is keen to bring Hulk to Chelsea from Zenit St Petersburg. (Daily Star)

Hulk has been very upset at the Russian side and has been looking for a way out all season. And the blues have been on his trails for a while, but missed out last summer as they opted to not add a new striker.

However, this coming window will be different and Stamford Bridge could be a very exciting time as new faces will surely be coming in, and Hulk could be one of the first through the door

12 comments to Chelsea close in on £40 million Brazilian!

  • ini ekpo

    who do we really want?today, it is one player. another day,its another.iam not too keen about hulk. falcao is the real deal.get falcao,get back lukaku and the special one and chelsea is ready for all the challenges.whatever happens,we owe gratitude to benitez for the entertaining brand that has finally come to stay.most will not agree but benitez tried given the hostile atmosphere in which he operated.whatever he achieved,he did so without the support of chelsea fans.i have a strong feeling that even mourinho would not have succeeded in chelsea with the current version of torres as his striker and the hostility of his own fans. yet benitez had to work with the players he inherited.


    we don’t need that flop


    Pls i need hulk to come and pls our rt side wing. He has power and little skills and big shot to survive us. Pls mouriho do ur best. Up blues

  • Problemssolver

    Pls am just tried with this indefinite everyday transfer rumours. Pls Chelsea fc stop chasing every player pls define you priorities . Truly blues

  • yardley

    40 million is more for hulk 20 million is the right price dont buy him roman for that price falcao,schurlle ,isco is enough for chelsea and if we want we can get bony and winger like mexican youngster he was linked with chelsea and please give chance to play for lukaku and debruyne and marin

  • mcnumec

    Who is Hulk to spend £40m on, he is a flop looking for an escape root so he must come on a cut price hence remain in Zenit. lewadowski and Facao and the widrawal of Lukaku together with Ba. torres should be used as baith for Facao. every big club in EPL has four functiong striker so why should chelsea be an exception?

  • We need a strong striker like hulk.since drogba left,d powerhouse of d strike force has been vry poor……………what a great relief it will be if he comes


    Hulk cannot be compared to Drogba. We dont need the service of Hulk. Get Falcao, Fellaini, Yaya if possible, Baines, Isco. Spend wisely and be directional Chelsea fc.

  • Alexander

    Guys Hulk is much better for the team then Falcao he is a real power horse and comes cheaper it is a good option, he suits the EPL more then the others he is tough guy but he is more a man behind a striker then central forward so I think he is not the only forward Chelsea will buy.

  • OliSaint

    We don’t need Hulk. The price is just too much and he is already a flop. Lets make way for Lukaku (he plays more like Drogba), then add the likes of Falcao/Cavani, Lewandowski to join Demba Ba. Sell Torres to the best bidder ( no time to wait for his old form anymore). Do hope Mourinho gets the job.

  • emm

    no to hulk

  • shogbade michael

    falcao is far beta dan hulk, buyin hulk wi b lik torres