Chelsea fans can relax according to the bookies

Lots of rumours and speculation today about Antonio Conte becoming the next Italy manager but for now the Chelsea fans can relax if the bookies are anything to go by.

Carlo Ancelotti is the favourite, he is not odds-on yet but is short enough considering that the job only became vacant today.

The former Chelsea boss is as low as a measly 2.10 which indicates the bookies are not taking any chances here.

Conte is anything between 4.00 and 7.00 which tells you that the bookies are slightly cautious but are prepared to dangle some juicy odds to ensnare some mug punters.

In fact, the bookies really have no clue outside of Carlo Ancelotti, as an example, they have the current Italy under 21 coach Luigi Di Biagio at odds from as low as 6.00 to as high as 34.00.

It is not totally out of the question that Conte could become the next Italian boss, but the odds tell us differently, they tell us that the only candidate the bookies agree on that has a good chance is Ancelotti and that Conte is a bit of an outsider. albeit not a long shot.

For now, Chelsea fans can relax. © 2017 Frontier Theme