Chelsea fans retain full confidence in Mourinho after poor start

It seems that Chelsea manager has very little pressure on him from the Chelsea fans despite one of the poorest starts to a season for many a year.

According to Tim Rolls, chair of the Chelsea Supporters Trust, Mourinho is as good as it gets and is confident the self proclaimed special one will turn things around.

Asked if Chelsea fans still loved and wanted to keep Mourinho Rolls said

“Absolutely, you can look at social media and find one or two hot-heads, but most people know Mourinho is as good as it gets.

“We are only five games into the season and I wouldn’t say it is a crisis.

“There are just problems that need sorting, and I’m confident Mourinho will do that.

“I think most supporters are fully behind him.

“It is important to maintain a sense of perspective, and I can’t see any scenario in which anti-Mourinho chants would start from Chelsea fans at Stamford Bridge or at away games.

“I don’t think he is under pressure, other than that he is putting himself under.”

Well, that is as good as it gets from fans, but then again it could be classed as the dreaded vote of confidence and we all know how fickle football fans can be. © 2017 Frontier Theme