Chelsea have ‘ruined’ star, claims Southampton boss!

Southampton manager Mauricio Pochettino believes Chelsea might be responsible for the decline of striker Fernando Torres, as he has gone from one of the world’s very best into one of the worst signings the in the blues history.

‘I have played against Torres many times and he scored some goals against me,’ Pochettino told The Daily Star.

‘I remember him being a quality player, full of strength and a player who knew which spaces to run into to create chances.

‘Sometimes it happens where a player is comfortable and feels happy at a certain club as he was at Atletico and at Liverpool.

‘But when you leave that club and join a new team maybe you do not feel as comfortable and as happy and that can affect your performances.’ (Daily Mail)

Torres managed to find the back of the net today, but it was his first goal in the Premier League for three months and that is simply not good enough. And although he has failed to make any sort of impact at Chelsea, they cannot be blamed for what he has failed to do as they have given him the help and support he has needed. But he has continually let them down.

3 comments to Chelsea have ‘ruined’ star, claims Southampton boss!

  • George

    Please what support you are talking about
    The strikers never get the ball, the Mata is
    Always looking to shoot , why don’t we talk
    About Ba look at the goals that he scored
    Most of them are from a rebound, they do
    NOT create for others and that’s the problem.

  • io

    torres also plays for spain ..
    also he is a grown up ..
    he had about 6-8 months equally bad with liverpool before going and a shy world cup;
    not that simple ..

  • Not a JCL

    Torres was washed up before he joined Chelsea. During his last season at Liverpool he was already showing signs of a diminished player. The situation he finds himself in has only esculated ten-fold since he signed for Chelsea. The board at Stamford Bridge should be very concerened about their inability to recognise Torres’ demise before Roman parted with such an extortionate amount of cash on a dud FACT!!