Chelsea skipper announces games best deal is better than world class signing

Chelsea skipper John Terry says Jose Mourinho’s imminent new deal is better than any world class signing.

Mourinho is due to put pen to paper on a new contract to 2019, and Terry is delighted that the Portuguese boss is set to sign a new deal.

As quoted on the Sky Sports website, Terry said: “He has a lot of great records against clubs and other managers. It must play on their minds.

“When other big teams sign big players you do think: ‘Oh.’ But it must be the same for them when Mourinho signs his contract at the club and extends.

“It’s great news for the club but terrible news for everybody else because the other managers know that he finds ways to beat teams.

“He knows people inside out, on and off the pitch. Whether you’re a player or manager, he does his groundwork. He knows everything.

“He certainly gives you confidence when you do the specific work on the training pitch, the tactics room and in the dressing room before matches.

“We go into games fully aware of other team’s strengths, their weaknesses as well. But also our weaknesses and ways we can be got at if we don’t do things the right way. So he prepares us with every situation and making sure we’re ready.”


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