Chelsea take a very firm line with unhappy star

Chelsea has reacted very strongly to the public claims of mistreatment from their wayward striker Diego Costa.

Costa has thrown his dummy out of the pram and gone public in his native Brazil declaring that the Blues have treated him like a criminal over his demand to leave Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea has responded with four demands that the player must meet if he wants them to agree to a transfer.

The first demand is that he returns to the club immediately.

The second demand is that he reports for training.

The third demand is that he gets himself match fit

The final demand is that he makes himself available for selection.

By any standards these are very reasonable demands to make of a professional football on a massive wage, basically, all they want is for him to do his job.

Whether Costa is justified in his grievances is largely irrelevant if he wants to leave, he either abides by the clubs demands or he just rots away, it really is up to him now and in a World Cup year you would think that he would do whatever he has must to get the move he so desires.

It is difficult to see how this impasse between the club and player can be resolved without one side backing down and as things stand it does not look like Chelsea are in the mood to do that. © 2017 Frontier Theme