Chelsea team doctor scenario continues with lawyers involved now

Surely you have to agree, one of the things so far this season that has really highlighted Mourinho and Chelsea in very poor light, is that of the situation surrounding Chelsea team doctor Eva Carneiro and her and Mourinho’s feud which has seen Eva banished from the Chelsea bench to behind the scenes, which has caused that much uproar over the whole events and proceedings since that FIFA have also now got involved and are due to hold a meeting this coming Friday to discuss the matter and more.

Mary O’Rouke QC of the Football Medical Association insists the 41-year-old Gibraltarian has “done nothing wrong” and should be able to return to her role at Chelsea, if she still wants to resume her duties at the club. 

“I personally believe, as a football supporter and as someone who supports medics in sport, the best outcome in this case would be for her and John Fearn to be back on the bench sending the message out to the football world they did nothing wrong,”

“I think you will find FIFA on Friday saying the same thing that they did nothing wrong because their duty was to the player as their patient, the referee, the FA and actually their job in the club is to look after the players not to run the team and not to be tactically aware.

“Much though one understands the passion of the manager or coach you [as a medical professional] have to prioritise the player because, apart from anything else, if a player sues he doesn’t sue the manager he sues the doctor, physio or the club.

“No one wants to hang anyone out to dry here. If you start making someone do public apologies or losing face that can impact on a future working relationship and surely what Chelsea and other football medics would want would be to patch it up.

“You don’t just engage a lawyer to go to court, you engage them to give you your legal rights whether it be to return to work or negotiate a new deal or contract.

“You put yourself into their position. They must be in their dream jobs so would you want to lose that job?”

Source Sky Sports

This situation which has now dragged on for weeks shows little sign of disappearing as quickly as it unfolded, and it is certainly making Chelsea and Mourinho look like a joke with all this, surely this cannot be good for the club nor it’s fans nor it’s standing in European football.


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