Claudio Ranieri tells players to keep enjoying themselves

Leicester City boss Claudio Ranieri has sent a message to his players telling them not to think about the title, think only about the next match and keep enjoying the experience.

‘Now it is important to remain calm and show our normal life. It is important. All the city is behind us. They are pushing but we must stay calm and enjoy. I was calm and asked the fans to help. They responded, as they do every time. The connection, there is a feeling, something. I understood we needed their support and I ask and they immediately gave me the answer, fantastic. The team was stronger because of that.’

He also praised his side’s attitude during their game against Newcastle.

‘It was a tough match and we knew that because when a team changes the manager the players want to show a fantastic attitude, strength, skills, everything. They were very concentrated about the job. It was important to score a goal for us. It was a difficult match but we won. I know very well we played better against Aston Villa or the last match here against West Bromwich. We played well but achieved just one point. We played our match, a tough match, very concentrated and we won. Three points. At this point of the season it is important to get the points, not how you play.’


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