Despite rumours, Ralph Hasenhüttl is not favourite to succeed Arsene Wenger at Arsenal

The press have gone into overdrive over who will replace Arsene Wenger as the next permanent Arsenal manager, based totally on comments made by RB Leipzig manager Ralph Hasenhüttl.

At a recent press conference when asked about rumours that Arsenal approached him about replacing Wenger, Hasenhüttl said

“There was a lot of truth to it. I have heard of worse fates than succeeding the longest-serving manager in England. It’s not damaging my reputation, is it?”

Sounds like he was confirming that an approach had been made, but he never actually said it though, the press have heard what they wanted to hear and run with it.

One way to know if a rumour is true is to check with the bookies, they do not always get it right, but they do price up markets based on what they know and what the latest rumours suggest.

Well, only one single bookie has a price on Hasenhüttl and he is a huge 8/1 with them, hardly a front runner.

The front runner remains Eddie Howe, he is 2/1 with the very same bookie that has Hasenhüttl at 8/1, that alone tells you all you need to know.

Hasenhüttl may well have had a conversation with someone about the possibility of replacing Wenger at some time, but the idea that an actual approach was made is nonsense.


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