Even cricket pundits are claiming Jose Mourinho time is up

The criticism of Jose Mourinho has growing far and wide and now even former cricketers are having a pop at the self-proclaimed “special one”

Former England cricket captain Freddie Flintoff has laid into Mourinho and his style of management calling Guardiola the future and even going as far as stating that Burnley manager Sean Dyche is a better manager than Mourinho.

“He is still basking on former glories,” Flintoff said on BBC Radio 5 Live’s Flintoff, Savage and the Ping Pong Guy.

“Pep Guardiola is looking at the future, at where they’re going to go.

“That ginger fella [Dyche] at Burnley is a better manager than Mourinho.”

This bold statement brought an immediate response from fellow pundit Robbie Savage who asked Flintoff “How do you work that out?”

To which Flintoff responded

“Imagine Mourinho going to Burnley on a Saturday afternoon.

“If he’s whinging about how much money United have spent, imagine him going to Burnley with the resources they have.”

Mourinho probably deserves some criticism for sure but to suggest that Dyche is a better manager and that Mourinho is past it is a bit overboard.

Remember that Louis van Gaal and David Moyes failed after Sir Alex Ferguson and that in his first season Mourinho picked up both the EFL Cup (first United manager to win a trophy in debut season) and Europa League. This season United are second in the Premier League and semi-final of the FA Cup.

United have progressed under Mourinho, maybe not as fast as some would have liked and his style of management and his use of tactics can be questioned but he remains a winner and a world class manager despite his current problems.