Five reasons to sign up with Marathon Bet

Consistently the best odds

Marathon Bet does not mess around when it comes to odds, they are on a mission to marking up the highest prices and they are hitting the mark time after time. From the moment we started looking at Marathon Bet it became obvious that they are consistently the best bookies when it comes to odds. Any serious bettor that wants to maximise their profits simply cannot leave Marathon Bet out of their portfolio.

Constructor betting tool

The Bet Constructor tool is simply brilliant, it is unique and enjoyable and takes a different angle on betting on football. Basically, you take two teams from different matches and match them up and the goals from their respective matches are used to settle the game. As an example, if you have Man Utd v West Brom and Chelsea v Stoke you could turn that into Man Utd v Chelsea and bet on it and the goals that Man Utd score and Chelsea score are used to settle the bet.

How cool is that?

Live betting equals great odds

Marathon Bet take their pre match high odds philosophy and use it on their live betting option. Too often odds are poor in-play but not with Marathon Bet, they live to offer high odds and that attitude is evident with their live betting offer.


Marathon Bet have a great and very unique service that they offer and it is called Advancebet.

Advancebet in its simplest terms is the ability to bet on further bets if you have insufficient monies in your account.

It is not a credit facility but an evaluation on the potential outcome on your current bets and here is the best part and we will use Marathon Bet own words to describe this beauty.

If the Advancebet amount used to place bets is higher than the amount you subsequently receive from any bet settlement within 48 hours, Marathonbet will absorb all liability for that amount. This means that you will not have any obligation to pay back the remainder of the Advancebet stake you used to place bets.

This we love.

A bookies built for punters.

Marathon Bet are a no frills bookies, they put their resources into high odds and unique betting offers, they are not for offering enhanced offers and such like, they believe in giving the punter what they really want, a simple to use site that offers the opportunity to maximise profits and very few do it better.


We absolutely love Marathon Bet, it is always nice to get free bets and great bonuses and we will never knock that but when it comes to maximising your returns then Marathon Bet is the bookies to turn to. Their layout is simple, they have not wasted money on extravagant designs and fancy website animations, they have kept it real simple concentrating on what their customers want more than anything else, consistently high odds and a real easy and simple to use website. © 2017 Frontier Theme