Five reasons why Chelsea will win the Premier League title

Chelsea currently sit top of the Premier League and there are good reasons to believe that is where they will be come the end of the season. Below are five good reasons why they will win the title.

1) No European distractions

This is significant, less games, fresher players and no distractions, this matters at this level, so often teams tire due to fixture congestion or because the manager has to rotate players, this is not an issue this season for the Blues.

2) Hazard and Costa back to their best

It is no coincidence that Chelsea are top now that Hazard and Costa are firing on all cylinders, last season they were not and the result was mid table obscurity, as long as those two maintain their form then Chelsea will keep on winning.

3) Antonio Conte is the real deal

He is a top class manager, he exudes passion, all the negativity about his man management skills before the season had started have not materialised and his confidence has infected his players, they play how he wants, they listen to him, they respect him.

4) No off-field drama

Under Mourinho there was more off-field drama than there was on-field success, that is not the case any more, there are no more scandals, physios being abused, refs being criticised, player discontent splashed all over the papers and so on, now it is calm and professional.

5) They a bloody good team

It was easy to forget how good Chelsea actually are after last season, but they have top class players in almost every position, they have squad depth, they have a great manager, they have an owner ready to back the manager with cash and as a team, they are damn good, certainly good enough to be Champions.


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