Former Tottenham star sticking it to Arsenal big time with this claim

Garth Crooks was once a favourite at White Hart Lane, but his latest comments will probably not go down to will with the Tottenham faithful.

Crooks reckons that Mesut Ozil should join Tottenham, now, he knows full well that will never happen, Arsenal would not sell to their bitter rivals and Tottenham would not buy him anyway.

Crooks believes that Ozil is under appreciated at the Emirates and would be more valued at Tottenham, though he seems to be ignoring the fact that the reason Ozil is not more appreciated is because the player is so inconsistent.

This is what Crooks said.

‘A lot has been said about Mesut Ozil. Love him or hate him – and I love him – there is no denying he is a wonderful footballer,’ he told the BBC.

‘Is he in the right team? Probably not. A player with his talent would be more appreciated at a club like Tottenham.

‘Now at this moment I may have Arsenal fans foaming at the mouth at the very thought of Ozil defecting to White Hart Lane but frankly it is a better fit.

‘When Sol Campbell decided to move to Arsenal from Spurs it was because the player was desperate to win trophies. A perfectly acceptable position for a professional footballer to take and a fact that Spurs fans have never been able to come to terms with.

‘However, Ozil’s style of football is perfect for Spurs and he has already won things with Arsenal. His overall performance against Stoke, which is always a hard nut to crack, was superb while his goal was sublime.

‘Only at Spurs will the fans accommodate players like Ozil. You see, at Spurs it is all about the football while at Arsenal it is all about the winning.’

What a load of bull, Spurs fans would not appreciate Ozil for one minute, they do not like lazy players, players that can only perform against small teams, they love players that are passionate, that care and that will fight, hardly attributes you can attach to Ozil.

Ozil arrived at Arsenal with much fanfare, he was apparently the best thing since sliced bread, turned out he was just a stale crusty loaf.

Crooks needs to have a rethink, he is well wrong on this one.