Frank Lampard makes revealing Cesc Fabregas admission

It was always suspected that Frank Lampard and Cesc Fabregas never got on and now we know that the Chelsea hierarchy certainly thought that was the case.

According to the former West Ham and Man City midfielder, it was because of his perceived strained relationship with Fabregas that he was forced to leave Chelsea in 2015.

“[Fabregas and I] never played together! They let me go to get Cesc in,” said Lampard.

“Me and Cesc never really got on well on the pitch so they didn’t think we could share a dressing room.”

That does make sense to be fair, the pair did clash on the pitch and it did look like no love was lost, however, Lampard was over 30 and Chelsea are well known for their over 30 policy.

It would have been reckless of Chelsea not to have brought in a ready-made placement for the ageing Lampard and Fabregas is a convenient scapegoat for the former England international.

It should also be noted that Lamps had no problem playing for Man City once he left Stamford Bridge and that to some extent has damaged his legacy with some Blues fans.