Arsenal legend Thierry Henry, has made his prediction about how the top four would look like by the end of this season.

The Gunner’s legend predictions may not go down well with his former club’s fans.
According to henry, he expects Chelsea to win the League, Tottenham to finish second, while Liverpool and Manchester City take the final third and fourth position.

Henry believes it is a little too late for the Gunners to finish in the top Four this season.
According to him, with the top six teams having games against each other, he does not see a way back to the top for the Gunners.

Chelsea leads the Premier League by seven points, while Tottenham follow closely, but Liverpool may have trouble finishing in the top four, because most of their remaining games are against the lower table teams. And these are the teams they find it hard to win against.

Tottenham are on course to finish ahead of Arsenal this season, which is an indication of how power is shifting in North London, and if Arsenal do not wake up Spurs might take their place in the top four for a long time.

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