Have some fun with Ireland at the next world cup

It is really early days to be looking at the World Cup in Russia in 2018, but sometimes it pays to start a long term investment very early on.

Ireland to win the 2018 World Cup can be had at a massive 750/1 right down to 150/1, that is one hell of a disparity.

But, anyone taking odds between 500/1 and 750/1 can look at laying off for significant profits in the event that Ireland qualify for the next world cup, their odds would come down a lot compared to those prices.

Additionally, you can get some free bets for Irish punters at http://bestfreebets.ie/ which would enable the shrewd punter to use free bets to back the Irish at massive odds and only use their own money when it comes to the laying off.

To put some perspective into this, the Irish are a max 4/1 to actually qualify, do you actually think they would remain at 750/1 to win the tournament if they did qualify.

2018 is a log way off, however just €2 outlay would enable any punter to be able to lay off quite a bit, hardly a risk.

Germany will be looking to retain the world cup in 2018

Naturally if Ireland did not qualify you would then be out of pocket, but at those odds you can bet within your means easily and it would be great fun wouldn’t it.

Put it this way, Leicester City were 1000/1 to be top of the Premier League at Christmas, and they were, so anything is possible.

The Irish probably will not win, but this sort of bet could be fun nonetheless, imagine sitting on a betting slip that says 750/1 and Ireland do qualify.


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