To many Arsenal fans that were watching the game last night, it would have been an embarrassing moment to see your team go out to a League two side with a strong starting eleven, but they must be angry at the fact that Arsene Wenger has come out and defended his players once again after losing on penalties to Bradford City.

“Congratulations to Bradford, they had a good start and after that they defended well,” Wenger said.

“Overall we had many chances. The keeper had a great game and we couldn’t convert our chances.

“When you go out it’s never good enough at Arsenal. I think we lost on penalties to a team who defended well.

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“I cannot fault the effort we gave for 120 minutes. You have to give credit to Bradford on the night. That’s part of the game.

“You feel embarrassed when you don’t give everything, I think (the players will) be more disappointed and frustrated. (Sky Sports)

To many Arsenal fans this will be another excuse that they are sick of hearing and will surely only frustrate them even more becaus it is a mystery how he could defend his players after a display like last nights.

They must be sick of their stars putting in lackluster performances and losing to tams that they should beat. And this defeat must have left Wenger tinkering at the edge of being sacked.