Mauro Icardi is a man in demand and has some top clubs after his signature, but Sampdoria have claimed that they have not received any bids for the young striker yet.

The Argentine striker has scored nine goals in Serie A this season, with Inter Milan the latest club said to be keen on signing him this summer.

Napoli, Manchester City, Liverpool and Tottenham are also rumoured to have wanted to bring in Icardi.

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City boss Roberto Mancini recently saw the striker in action on a return visit to his old club, who fended off his suitors during the recent transfer window.

“Icardi is doing very well, but at the moment no club has come forward for him,” declared Sampdoria sporting director Carlo Osti. (Sky Sports)

Although there hasn’t been any bids so far, there will surely be some in the summer and all five clubs will be in for a massive battle as they all look to acquire his services.