Ireland and Sweden worth a punt in Euro 2016

Before anyone says impossible, I have one word for you all, Greece.

OK, so lets move on, it is not impossible that Ireland or Sweden can win the Euro’s, for starters there is no dominant team, Spain are in decline and Germany are not the same force they were when they won the World Cup.

Which means that it is an open competition this time round, even the hosts France, are not as strong as some previous host nations.

Put it this way, you have to be in it to win it and Ireland and Sweden are in it, and what is the point of not believing anyway, if you take that attitude then you may as well stay at home and look at this list of Irish online poker sites and enjoy a game of online poker and not bother watching the tournament on TV.

Lets look at the group that Ireland and Sweden are in, they are both in Group E with Belgium and Italy, both good teams of course, but neither are great teams, and points can be taken off both for sure, naturally those two are the favourites to qualify, but how often do favourites flounder at the group stage, look at Spain at the last world cup as an example.

Ireland got a difficult group for the European Championships

If either Ireland or Sweden do manage to get out of Group E then the 100/1 odds on Sweden and 150/1 on Ireland will drop like a rock in water, mark my word.

Bottom line is this, they are both in a difficult group, but either of them can get out of it and then the odds will be a hell of a lot less than at the start and that makes them value in my book.

At the very worst you can trade out on either of them and make a nice profit whatever happens.


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