Is Chris Sutton right about Arsene Wenger and does anyone care?

Former Blackburn striker Chris Sutton has hit out at Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, claiming he knew that the last minute Arsenal penalty was not the right decision.

Arsenal were very fortunate to be given the penalty and Wenger celebrated as if the Gunners had won the Champions League and like most people watching, Sutton was not impressed.

“If that had gone against Arsenal then Arsene Wenger would have seen it”, Sutton told BBC Final Score.

“It wasn’t a penalty. Not enough contact. You’d give ten, 15 penalties a game if that was the case!”

Sutton will have a lot of people agreeing with him, it did not look like a penalty at all and Arsenal were very very lucky, however that is the nature of the game, you get some, some you do not get.

Arsenal fans will probably ask, who is Chris Sutton? what has it got to do with him?

Well, he is a paid pundit employed to give his opinion and on this occasion his opinion is worth listening to because it reflects what the vast majority in football are probably thinking. © 2017 Frontier Theme