Chelsea have come out and told Spanish side Atletico Madrid that they will have to fork out £1 million to keep highly-rated stopper Thibaut Courtois on-loan for another season.

The highly-rated 21-year-old has been on loan in the Spanish capital for the past two years and has impressed as their No.1.

His performances have not gone unnoticed back at Chelsea, who view Courtois as the natural long-term successor for Petr Cech.

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But at 31, Cech will not be moving over any time soon and Courtois does not want to warm the bench next year.

Atletico are desperate to retain the young Belgian, who has ousted Sergio Asenjo as the club’s first choice, but it will. (TalkSport)

The blues will wait until a manager comes in before making any real decisions, but it will be best for Courtois to stay out on-loan and progress at the rate he currently is.