Liverpool backed to seal deal for sought after German

Liverpool have been backed to seal a summer deal for German boss Jurgen Klopp

Klopp announced that he would step down as manager of Borussia Dortmund manager at the end of the season, having been in charge for well over 300 games.

The two-time German manager of the year has guided Dortmund to successive Bundesliga titles and the Champions League final, all while taking home three cup-winners’ medals.

Now he has been backed at 2/1 to make the move to Anfield.




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  1. I have been a die hard Liverpool fan all my life. I have basked in the glory of the 80s and I have been a subject of ridicule from there on. My advice to whoever at my beloved club will listen is. We desperately need a new coach. That is the simple and unequivocal truth. Rogers is a good coach and he has done his bit to change our style of play to a more attractive type and I genuinely applaud him for that. However, I strongly doubt that he can do any more than he has already done.

    We almost won the league last season but if truth be told it was largely to the irrepressible SAS. We didnt win because it was partly because of Rogers’ naivety and inexperience at that level given his pre-Liverpool background. A lot of people might want to point a finger at Stevie for that slip but would be misplaced. If anything Stevie’s inspirational contribution that season was also part of the reason we did so well. My issue is with Brendan. On that day that Chelsea came to Anfield, Mourinho presented us with a perfect chance to claim our first league title in two decades. He played a second string side with most of his key men rested for the mid week champions leagues match. He had no intentions to attack with a lone striker upfront in the name of Demba Ba. All Liverpool needed to do then was to also just sit back and rely on counter attacks and we had the most lethal counter attacking front row in the whole of Europe namely Suarez, Sturridge and Sterling. We only needed to draw that Chelsea game but Rogers, in his wisdom (not) set out for an all attack strategy and the rest is history.

    Then came the crystal palace match. Granted, Tony Pulis had somewhat inspired the side and steered them from a position of relegation candidates to safety but the Reds were far superior. However, having led by three goals to nil Rogers somehow contrive to reverse this advantage and pressed on with the attack and exposed us at the back. Rogers proved to us all last season and thus season that he is more of an opportunist than a strategist. There is no way a seasoned manager( Ferguson, Mourinho, LVG or even Wenger) would have lost the league last season given the position Liverpool were in with three games to go.

    My point is Rogers is a good coach but not good enough for Liverpool. If we could let King Kenny go, if we could let Roy Hodgson go and if we could let Rafa go then surely Rogers must go. He has not achieved anything worth mentioning. His lack of experience at the highest level cost us the league last season and has once again left us in the Europa league this season. He was given a large kitty to spend and did not buy any player of note.

    Now the biggest challenge we face as a club that is looking to reclaim its rightful place among Europe’s elite is rather complicated with Rogers around. Firstly we need to attract big name players but this is task will be difficult because we failed to make champions league and this is compounded by the fact that the name Rogers does not inspire many a great footballer to want to come to Liverpool. Liverpool as a club is a great instituion of excellent repute but the name Rogers unfortunately will only be remembered for all the wrong things that you would not want to associate with this great club. Look he was given his time and targets were set and he failed. He failed the owners, he failed the fans, he failed the club and he failed himself. The best players Rogers can attrack are misfits like Balloteli, ageing players like Lambert and average players like Markovic.

    Manchester united tried it with Moyes but realised their foolishness and reacted swiftly and brought in LVG now that’s how you respond to a mediocre season! Whether LVG is a good coach ( in the premier league)remains to be seen but what he has done is to bring in big names that can enable Man U to compete and reclaim its top four position. Liverpool have a chance to emulate Man U with the availability of Jurgen Klopp or Rafa Benitez both of whom would attract the much needed world class players from across Europe. If Rogers continues as the Liverpool boss I am sorry to say we should be prepared to accept the painful trend of being snubbed by the Depays, the Sanchezs and the Diego Costas of this world. We should also be prepared to accept the Europa league as our new home.

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