Liverpool could be in a lot of trouble over transfer activity

Liverpool could be banned from making transfers after claims that they tapped up a Stoke schoolboy with an irresistible inducement.

According to Telegraph Sports, Liverpool have been trying to negotiate their sanction after the Premier League decided to punish them for the act.

They will certainly be fined for their action, however it may not end there as their action may also see them banned from making transfers for a period of time.

Liverpool would not be the first club to be facing this sort of sanction, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid and Barcelona have all faced similar action for breaching rules while dealing with the transfer of youth players.

Liverpool are said to have broken their promise to pay the school fees of the school boy, this has left the player’s parents in debt.

To make matters worse, the boy cannot join another team until Stoke City is paid a compensation of £50k.
Liverpool are alleged to have agreed to pay the boy’s school fees until he was 16, which is illegal under new rules guiding transfer of youngsters. Upon learning this, Liverpool decided against going ahead to pay the agreed bills.
This has led to the liability falling on the youngster’s parents.

According to Premier League sources, this is the predicament of many youngsters in England, whose parents agree to outrageous compensation fees in exchange for football clubs paying the school fees of their youngsters.