Liverpool huge gambles simply not working out it is claimed

The former Liverpool director of football Damien Comolli has jumped on the bandwagon slamming the Reds over their recent transfer activity.

“I said before the beginning of the season that it is a massive gamble to change as many players as they did in the summer, as they did last summer” said Comolli.

“If you look at Saturday, the two full backs are new – and the left back is not a left back. In midfield, for me there are two new players, because though Can has been at the club for a while he has never played in midfield, and then the front three were all new players as well.

“That’s seven new players, and in reality they looked like they’d never played together before, which makes sense.

There were people playing out of position, players like Firmino who haven’t had a proper pre-season with the team.

“It’s going to take time, but I’ve said previously that it was a huge gamble, after they’d taken a huge gamble last season, and it is going to be difficult.

“And by the time they do start to gel, if they do, other teams will have a lot of points.”

He has a point but it is still very early in the season to be getting all negative.


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