Liverpool Legend confident £16 million man will be massive hit

Liverpool legend Ian Rush is confident the team will see a significant improvement from Mario Balotelli after the Italy striker ended his goal drought against Swansea.

Rush believes the former Manchester City and AC Milan forward may hit his best form when Daniel Sturridge regains fitness.

Rush told the Sky Sports website: “It’s more of a confidence thing,”

“Maybe being on the bench took a bit of pressure off him. Maybe he felt a bit more relaxed

“People are always quick to have a go at someone like him when it’s not going well, but I think you have to believe in what he’s doing and hopefully this goal will give him the confidence to do that.

“I’m not saying it’s going to change straight away, but what I’m saying is as much as people want to write him off too quickly when he’s not scoring, he was getting the chances he was getting them there, and I don’t mind that if you’re missing the chances. He’s doing something right.

“But I think even though he’s scored a goal now it doesn’t mean he’s going to score loads of goals. He’s got to work at it and I’m sure he will, under Brendan he’ll work at it, but I think it’s given himself and the team the confidence.

“We had a good win against Swansea. Swansea are a good side. Hopefully this win against Swansea will get the confidence going and hopefully get the team, not back on track because I think we’re still sixth or seventh in the league, hopefully get back to winning ways.

“I think pressure’s probably on more now than ever. They’ve got to be scoring every game, strikers don’t score every game. But I’s having the confidence to get in that position and keep working hard and doing that.

“When you look at Balotelli, he learn the way that they play. The way Liverpool play maybe a little bit different than to what he’s used to but, he’s got to learn the way that Liverpool play, he’s got to learn how to get behind defenders as well as hold the ball up. And with time that will come.

“He’s missing the likes of Sturridge as well, someone to help him. Once everyone comes together I think it will be fine. It just takes its time. We’ve got new players, it takes time for them to adapt, not just Balotelli.”



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