Liverpool legend reigns in on Martial signing for United

When Manchester United signed teenage striker Anthony Martial from Monaco for a huge fee of £36million, many people have lambasted the signing and have called it a ‘disgrace’ that so much money has been spent on an untested at the highest level teenager – albeit, it highlights the extortionate costs these days in football for players.

Liverpool legend John Aldridge has spoken out about the signing by Manchester United of Martial and has called it a ‘desperate act’ by Louis van Gaal and a ‘panic buy’.

“Evidence that United and their Dutch master are increasingly desperate in their bid to get back into trophy contention was provided when they spent £36m signing a teenager most of us had never heard of from Monaco last Tuesday.
“If ever a move smacked of a panic buy, then paying out a ridiculous amount of cash to sign Anthony Martial was it. 
“Even if the kid turns out to be a great player, there is no way United should have been paying that much to sign a 19-year-old who has barely been tested at the top level. It confirmed once and for all that the football world has gone completely mad.
“The best news for United on deadline day was the collapse of the deal for keeper David De Gea to move to Real Madrid, because the continued presence of the keeper that gave them a big step up into the top four last season can only help their cause. 
“I wouldn’t be surprised if someone at Old Trafford pulled the plug on the de Gea deal, because they were the big winners from that fiasco.
“Hopefully the Spaniard’s first game back for United will end in misery for the Red Devils, but a draw at Old Trafford would be acceptable for Liverpool and I reckon they are good enough to get it”.

So does John Aldridge have a point in what he says here, or is he wrong to say what he has about the signing of Martial to United for a record fee for a teenage player, was it a panic, desperate buy or is he a signing who will prove all the doubters wrong.


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